EP 29: Saving the World, But Not Everyday - Fabienne Goux-Baudiment

Fabienne Goux-Baudiment is a formally trained foresight practitioner who is schooled in the French prospective approach of Futures work. Skilled as both a practitioner and academic, let her take you inside the French approach, which is different to the way this work is taught in other countries and which offers exciting opportunities for synthesis.

Interviewed by: Peter Hayward

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  • Youtube (English and French)

  • IRES Report (Panorama) and the Foresight Resources Centre

  • Macrohistory

  • Journal articles

    • Meta-method: GOUX-BAUDIMENT, Fabienne "De l'attitude à l'action prospective : une méta-méthode" in GUYOT Jean-Luc, BRUNET Sébastien (ed), CONSTRUIRE LES FUTURS - Contributions épistémologiques et méthodologiques à la démarche prospective, Namur : Presses Universitaires de Namur, juin 2014, pp. 93-148

    • Operational Foresight: Goux-Baudiment, Fabienne. “Une nouvelle étape du développement de la prospective: la prospective opérationnelle”. PhD Thesis, Pontificia università gregoriana, 2006 [2001]

    • “A foresight overarching method: I. Looking for a way to bridge the gap”. World Future Review 8, no 1 (2016): 12–23

    • Great Transition: GOUX-BAUDIMENT, Fabienne. “Qu’est-ce que la Grande Transition ?” In La grande transition de l’humanité : De Sapiens à Deus, 2746. FYP éditions, 2018. An english version of this seminal article will be published by the end of the year (2019) in the Journal Foresight and STI Governance