The FuturePod Story

We belong to a broad and diverse international community which remains mysterious to many, and is rich and interesting with abundant wisdom to share, deep history and potentials for finding new and creative ways forward. At a time in our history when wise perspectives and new ideas are needed, we have found another way to let these voices shine.

To say what brought our small FuturePod team together is an intriguing and impossible task. Rebecca Mijat, Peter Hayward, Mendy Urie and Ana Tiquia, all members of the Melbourne, Australian foresight community, began exploratory meetings in early 2018 to find out what a project could look like, built around collecting and collating many of the eminent, individual voices of the futures and foresight community.

We would start in Australia, using a small professional recording studio for live interviews and build to include remote interview recordings of interstate and international professionals and practitioners.

Our vision, we discovered was to build a project, which would contribute to creating humane and better futures for all, through the Foresight community, with the three-fold aims of:

  • recognising and honouring those people who came before us and who played a major role in establishing the futures and foresight field; 

  • supporting and promoting those in the community who are establishing themselves and furthering the contributions of our field; and 

  • providing a place that can offer inspiration to those who wish to join us by listening to those conversations and then going out and creating their own pathway.

The team does this by combining old technologies (conversation and storytelling) and new technology (podcasting and social media) in a not-for-profit venture for the community, supported by the community.

Peter, Rebecca and Mendy are grateful for the early contributions of Ana Tiquia for her energy, experience and ideas in building the FuturePod project. A special mention also goes to our music creator, Doctor Turtle, for the song It Looks Like The Future, But It Feels Like The Past.

Meet the Team


rebecca mijat

Rebecca was first introduced to the foresight field in 2013 through Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia when she completed an Executive Program short course taught by Dr Peter Hayward, Joseph Voros and Rowena Morrow. She was instantly hooked. She completed a Masters of Strategic Foresight in 2015.

The idea of a foresight focussed podcast series, first came to mind at the end of her Masters course when Rebecca saw an opportunity to further connect the community and share the depth of knowledge locally and internationally. Three years later, the timing was right to start to bring a podcast to life through a shared vision with Peter, Mendy and early team member Ana Tiquia.

Rebecca is passionate about connecting future thinkers to create innovative approaches to our local and world challenges.

By day, Rebecca is a strategic change and communications leader who works as a management consultant, supporting Australian and global clients with engagement and change management as part of transformational change programs.

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Peter hayward

Peter found foresight in 2001, or perhaps it found him.

What he learned studying with Richard Slaughter was a good fit with his previous systems thinking and organisational change toolkits.

A PhD followed and then fourteen happy years teaching foresight to a passionate and skilled group of people.

When his academic career ended in 2016, Peter was then free to engage with his real passions. Namely talking to his heroes, bouncing ideas around with the next generation of foresight thinkers and inspiring a new group who might want to join in.

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meredith (Mendy) urie

Mendy was drawn into the enticing field of foresight when already well down a career path which had led from nursing, to local Government, to spiritual enquiry and community work in her regional home in country Victoria.

Completing an MBA and then Masters of Strategic Foresight under Dr Peter Hayward and Joseph Voros at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne in 2015, she now finds ways to bring the flavor of futures approaches to ongoing roles on the hospital board and in social enterprise, while looking out for opportunities of ‘most interestingness’ … Like the invitation to join Rebecca, Ana and Peter in the FuturePod project.

Also of special appeal currently, is to explore the potential power of conscious collaboration for decision making, for finding solutions and new knowledge.

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