EP 25: New Beginnings - Jim Dator

Jim Dator probably taught the first course in Future Studies. He has an extensive career in teaching futures and a seminal role in some of our fundamental concepts and approaches. In this interview he explains how he developed the four archetypes of the Future and the fundamental role played by technology in social change.

Interviewed by: Peter Hayward

More about Jim

LinkedIn: Jim Dator, Professor Emeritus, University of Hawaii

The following are excellent introductions to futures studies 

  • Wendell Bell, Foundations of Futures Studies: Human Science for a New Era, vol. 1, Transaction Publishers, New Brunswick, NJ, 1997. 

  • Jim Dator, World Futures Review, Volume 7, Number 4. December 2015. 

  • Jennifer Gidley The Future: A very short introduction. Oxford University Press, 2017. 

  • Richard A. Lum, 4 Steps to the Future: A Quick and Clean Guide to Creating Foresight. Honolulu, Hawaii, 2016 

  • Richard Slaughter, Knowledge Base of Futures Studies, Revised 2020 

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